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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Limousine - Mission: perfection. A dream car as a fabulous example for an entire industry - the new S-Class.

Every moment becomes a unique experience with this luxury limousine: travel, work, relaxation, a calm and safe arrival. The atmosphere inside as pleasant as possible for well-being, relaxation or concentration. With its harmoniously coordinated materials and color scheme, the exclusive interior creates an impeccable impression as well.

Fabulous yet real - the new S-Class seems to be hovering over the road. The imperfections of the surface are barely noticed by passengers - as if they were driven by a wizard. In order for everyone to be completely relaxed to focus on their own business: to work, to relax or to drive easily. In the interior of any executive car, the passenger is considered to be the main one, especially if he/she is sitting behind. Well, it's hard to disagree, when you find yourself in this place. In these luxurious, heated and ventilated seats you drown and immediately relax - you especially feel it when tired after a fly. The main advantage of the S-class is a smooth ride. Special attention should be paid to a stereo video camera, which is able to determine everything that is happening around. The system can simultaneously track up to 20 road flaws; damper stiffness adjustment is possible even at high speed.

At your disposal are exclusively brand S class cars from the German concern Mercedes-Benz. These are luxurious and reliable vehicles that have good visibility, are comfortable to fit and safe in any urban setting. All the vehicles are regularly inspected. The capacity of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is 3 people, luggage for 3 units. It is suitable for business meetings and confidential trips. The interior of each car is equipped with leather seats, customers can enjoy cool water or get acquainted with the latest press. You can also take advantage of an uninterrupted Internet network and get all the information you want while traveling to your destination.

Why S class?

The Mercedes S-Class vehicles are magnificent, strong and absolutely safe. The atmosphere in the car is always favorable, each client feels amazing in leather chairs. With us you can be sure of the safety of your trips. First of all, guests of London who use our transfer services receive an impressive, high-tech Mercedes S-Class car. The appearance of the S class is very presentable, concise and great for important meetings, events and shows. Inside, the cabin is amazing. Fresh water, a press, a Wi-fi access point are intended for each client.With us you can count on such advantages of using a transfer with a chauffeur: complete safety while driving, punctuality, high professionalism and a representative type of chauffeurs, open pricing of each trip. The service is carried out according to the schedule of each client, clearly and without delay.

Luxury as standard

Driving into the future - glide weightlessly over the road.

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