Interesting information about London

Interesting information about London

London is a city with a long history and countless interesting facts, where every minute is worth its weight in gold. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history spanning over 2000 years. The London Bridge should not be confused with the Tower Bridge; the latter is an iconic bascule and suspension bridge. London boasts over 170 museums, including the British Museum, the National Gallery, and Tate Modern.

Now, let's talk about London's famous taxi service, which continues to be among the top 5 best taxi services in the world. London's taxis are known as "Black Cabs" or "Hackney Carriages" due to their distinctive black frame bodywork. The history of taxis in London dates back over a century. The first taxis were introduced in the 17th century and were owned by entrepreneurs who used horse-drawn carriages to transport passengers.

In 1907, the first motorized taxis were introduced in the city, but they had limitations on the number of passengers and their routes. However, in 1948, the "Black Cab" was created, becoming an iconic symbol of London.

At any point in London, you can find a black cab and be assured of the quality of service. Licensed London taxi drivers are true professionals. Future drivers undergo 2-4 years of training to gain practical knowledge of the 320 London routes within a six-mile radius of Charing Cross, covering 25,000 streets and 20,000 landmarks.

As for VIP taxis, they emerged in response to the growing demand for higher comfort and personalized services. VIP taxis offer clients luxurious transportation, experienced drivers, and additional amenities such as pre-booking, complimentary Wi-Fi, and other conveniences.

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London Airports
  • London Airports

    Our company provides a simple and convenient way to get from the airport to your destination. You will be able to avoid the massive crowds and the search for a taxi by meeting your driver right at the exit of the terminal. This is especially important if you are flying into an unfamiliar country or city where you may encounter language or cultural barriers.

Is London fog a myth?
  • Is London fog a myth?

    We are all familiar with stories and movies where London is enveloped in thick clouds that lend the city an air of mystery and romance. However, let's explore to what extent this myth corresponds to reality.

The color of a London taxi
  • The color of a London taxi

    London taxis, also known as Black Cabs, are famous not only for their unique design and spacious interior but also for their distinctive black color. Why are London taxis always black, and how did it become a tradition?

London taxis in Baku
  • London taxis in Baku

    The presence of London taxis in Baku was associated with the expansion of cultural and economic ties between Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom. These vehicles were seen as symbols of British elegance and traditional service quality

London taxi brand
  • London taxi brand

    London taxis have a long and interesting history. The first taxis in London appeared in the early 19th century and were known as "hackneys." However, the real revolution came with the introduction of motorized taxis in 1903. Since then, London taxis have become a symbol of the city.

Unusual transport in Venice
  • Unusual transport in Venice

    Venice is a city that has its own unique style and architectural character. In this unique Italian city located on water canals, transportation takes on entirely different characteristics. Water taxis have become an unusual and integral means of transportation in Venice, emphasizing the uniqueness of this place.

The world history of taxi
  • The world history of taxi

    Taxi is not only a means of transportation but also an integral part of urban history and transportation development. The history of taxis spans different eras, cultures, and technological revolutions. Let's take a look at the global history of taxis from its beginnings to the present day together.

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