Chauffer for shopping in London

London is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts, where everyone can find something according to their taste and budget. However, to make your shopping trip maximally comfortable and hassle-free, hiring a chauffeur becomes the ideal solution. Discover the famous shopping streets in London and the benefits a chauffeur can provide in handling your shopping bags and accompanying your purchases.

Oxford Street

This is perhaps the most well-known shopping street in London, spanning about 2.5 kilometers. Here, you will find stores of all renowned brands, department stores, fashionable boutiques, and much more.

Regent Street

This street is famous for its luxurious shops and remarkable historical buildings. You can find stores like Liberty, Hamleys, and the Apple Store here.

Shopping in Bicester Village with VIP Tour London

Bicester Village

Bicester Village offers plenty of opportunities for shoppers with various preferences. You'll find not only clothing, footwear, and accessories but also decorative items, jewelry, and even homeware – all at discounted prices compared to retail stores.

Our fleet, VIP Tour London, includes luxury vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Mercedes-Benz V-Class, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. You can rent these cars with a personal driver for a convenient and luxurious shopping experience.

One of the main advantages of hiring a chauffeur for shopping is their assistance with carrying shopping bags. After long hours of shopping, we often end up with many packages, which can be inconvenient. The chauffeur will happily help you with carrying the bags and ensure that all your purchases are safe.

Another great service provided by the chauffeur is accompanying your shopping. They will wait for you at the entrance of the store and assist with your purchases if you have any questions or need help.

Stay stylish and comfortable during your shopping tour in London by hiring a chauffeur who will provide you with a luxurious and worry-free experience. Enjoy shopping on famous streets and trust the chauffeur to handle your shopping bags and accompany your purchases. This will allow you to fully enjoy your shopping trip and create unforgettable memories of shopping in London. Contact us through the online chat, send an email, or call the number provided on the website to book a chauffeur for your shopping trip.

Luxury as standard

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most popular vehicles

Mercedes S-Class London

The Mercedes S-Class vehicles are magnificent, strong and absolutely safe. The atmosphere in the car is always favourable, each client feels amazing in leather chairs. The appearance of the car is very presentable, concise and great for important meetings, events and shows.

Mercedes E-Class in London

Mercedes E-Class car is good for business and individual trips. The interior is designed to create a feeling of extra space and comfort. Large decorative elements, carefully selected color schemes and finest leather with wood emphasise the modern luxury of Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes V class in London

The gorgeous salon of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class car looks very stylish. Our car is in a 7-seater configuration with three separate seats. For two passengers you can recline the back of the middle section, turning it into a table or armrest. Ideal minivan for 7 people, 7 suitcases